Registration Information

Welcome to the Cashel Dennehy School of Irish Dance! Throughout the year your dancer(s) and family will have wonderful opportunities, including performing, marching in parades, competing, social events and much more!

Please read the following and return the registration form to reserve your place on next year’s roster.

Fee Schedule At Cashel Dennehy
We charge full price for the first two dancers in a family, a discounted price for the third dancer (third dancer = third child in a family to join the school) and the fourth dancer is free. *If the 3rd/4th dancer discount may apply to you, please contact Kate at for more information.

At Cashel Dennehy, we offer 11 months of regular classes – September through July. In August there are no regular classes, but we do have Irish Fest practices and vacation time.

The Beginner class comes to $875 for the 11 months of classes. For each dancer, payment for the full year is required. How you choose to pay this amount is up to you. You may choose to pay your dues by one of the following four methods – please check off your choice on the space indicated on the Class Selection Form.

  1. 12 Installments (Monthly):
    Each installment is due the first week of every month September – August
    * Please note that monthly installment payments are not payments for a specific month of classes. For example, your payment the first week of October is not specific to the classes taken/provided in the month of October. The monthly installment fee is the full year price divided by 12. Throughout the year, each month has a different amount of classes provided simply because of how the days fall on the calendar, holidays, competitions, performance opportunities, etc. Monthly installments are broken up this way to give you an equal amount to pay each month and to help all families be able to keep track of their payments in an easy manner.
  2. 4 Installments (Quarter):
    First Quarter installment – Due on or before September 1st (must be received by October 1st at the latest) Second Quarter installment – Due on or before December 1st (must be received by January 1st at the latest) Third Quarter installment – Due on or before March 1st (must be received by April 1st at the latest)
    Fourth Quarter installment – Due on or before June 1st (must be received by July 1st at the latest)
  3. 2 Installments (Semester):
    First Semester payments – Due on or before September 1st (must be received by October 1st at the latest) Second Semester payments – Due on or before March 1st (must be received by April 1st at the latest)
  4. Full Year Payment:
    Due on or before September 1st (must be received by October 1st at the latest) *Please contact Kate at cashelacademymke@gmail – if, at any point during the year you would like to change your choice for payment. *All payments (including quarter, semester and year payments) are non-refundable – NO exceptions!!!*

Late Fee Notice: Any monthly installment received two months or more past due will incur an additional $25 fee. Any quarter, semester or yearly payments received past the “at the latest” dates listed will incur a $25 late fee.

Pay Online

Studio Supply Fee: $25 ~ The studio supply fee will be to help cover many bases that we provide for your children while they are at class – everything from tissues, hair bands, band-aids and more, to ensuring that we have the best and safest environment for every dancer. You will have until November 1st to submit this $25 per dancer, with a maximum of $50 per family (so if you have 3 dancers in the school you do not need to pay this fee for the third dancer) supply fee. You may pay this all together, or in 2 installments. If the full $25 per dancer is not received by November 1st, you will incur an additional $10 late fee.

Location Information
Wauwatosa: Classes held at Cashel Dennehy Dance Studios at 9205 W. Center St. on the second floor

Madison: Classes held at the Madison Ballet at 2740 Ski Lane.

*Dancers are to wear t-shirts or tank tops and shorts, that all fit well, to class so that they are comfortable and are able to move and dance easily (please NO jeans or pants that slip down or that will cover your dancer’s feet) and Irish dance shoes. Shirts or shorts with ties that can be distracting during class (with ties especially) are also not recommended. Information regarding the purchasing of Irish dance shoes (ghillies for girls/jazz shoes for boys), along with Irish dance socks will be available the first couple of weeks of class. It is recommended that you send a type of drink with your dancer(s) to class as well. Label your bottle with your dancer’s name too.