I hope everyone had a good week.  There is a lot to cover today so I am just going to get right to it.

This Week-  Halloween Week-  Costumes are welcome 10/24-10/30

I would like to invite all the dancers to wear Halloween costumes to class this week starting on Tuesday 10/24.  We will have a Halloween treat for dancers after each class on those days as well.   Costumes are not mandatory but it is always fun to see the dancers dress up.  If your dancers would like to dress in costume just make sure that it is one that they can dance in.  

We will not have class on Tuesday, October 31st-  I am not sure about everyone else but my city does Trick or Treating on Halloween.  This means there will be no class for Beginners, Level 2, Prizewinner on 10/31.  Any Oireachtas soloists at the prizewinner level are welcome to come to class on Monday or Wednesday from 6-8 to continue their Oireachtas preparation. 

Beglan Feis

Several Cashel Academy Dancers competed at the Beglan Feis this weekend.  Here are the results that affect the level a dancer competes at.  This does not mean that the dancers must move up at the very next feis.  For most cases, a dancer can remain at the same competitive level until the end of the year even if they earn the placement to move up.  I just don’t want people to believe they need to move up in levels immediately.  

Shannon Artrip-   2nd Beginner 2 Light Jig   Qualified for Novice

Finn Dodgion-     2nd Beginner 2  Reel   Qualified for Novice

Millie Dodgion-    3rd Beginner 2 Light Jig   Qualified for Novice

Eliana Miksch     7th Preliminary Championship   Qualified for Oireachtas 24

Maryn Nguyen     3rd Open Championship

Addie Thel     7th Open Championship

Mallory Thomae   6th Preliminary Championship Qualified for Oireachtas 24

    3rd Prelim Champ (2nd Chance)

Grace Vepraskas  1st Beginner 2 Light Jig Qualified for Novice

Under 18 Ladies 8-Hand- 2nd Place

Over 15   Mixed 4-Hand-  2nd Place

PBO Corner

Happy Monday Cashel Family! Just a few quick items for your eyes and calendar.

1. Call for track jackets!  Amber needs them by Friday, October 27th in order to get them back for the Oireachtas Please leave them in the parent lounge with masking tape on the back of the years you are adding. I do not know how much per year but I believe it was $7 last year. She will clarify with Clay on Monday!

2. One more week closer to Oireachtas. Keep in touch with your team(s) as we are now entering the time period with the Oireachtas chairs will be sending out blurbs on makeup (U12 teams and older), team events and such.

3. What to Expect at Oireachtas Meeting – Sunday, November 5, 11:00 a.m. – Cashel Parent Lounge. If this is your first time traveling to Oireachtas, or if you want to brush up on your knowledge, please join members of the PBO Board for an informal meeting during teams practice about all the practical, tactical aspects of attending Oireachtas. We’ll be there to answer questions about anything and everything!

4. The response to the Mentor/Mentee family suggestion has been amazing. I’m extremely proud to see how many of our “older” families are so willing to help out. If you are a family new or newer to Cashel, if your dancer is in the Novice level, watch for more information soon. If you have questions in the meantime, feel free to reach out to Emily Farrell who is coordinating this new facet of the Cashel PBO. Her email is: Emily.farrell82@gmail.com

This is a great chance to have a resource to use as often or as little as you want. Feising questions, how to move up levels, Oireachtas questions, etc….  These are families who have been there, done that, and want to make your life easier. 

5. The annual Winter Get Together is scheduled for December 17th from 2-6 at Roric’s office (Mayfair Collection). Please bring a dish to pass/share with others.  The address again is 11220 W. Burleigh Ave. in Wauwatosa. 

Beginner Corner-

I will start to pass out certificates in class this evening.  The certificate means that your dancer is ready to compete the jig at a feis (local competition).  To be able to compete at a feis a dancer must be able perform 2 steps of the jig on their own. 

A great opportunity for a first feis will be our very own Wisconsin WinterFeis at the Baird Center downtown on Saturday, January 13, 2024. Watch for details in my emails about registration for the feis.

I am including a file that has the words to the beginner jig on it.  That should help you encourage your dancer to practice at home.  If you could encourage your dancers to practice 15-20 minutes each day that would be a great help.

Caitlin O’Connor- Is off to Tanzania

Caitlin will not be around for six weeks, she will be missed. Caitlin is in Tanzania, Africa where she has her first clinical.  We wish her the best on this amazing adventure!!  Stay safe and have a wonderful time Caitlin!!!

Oireachtas Soloists

I know that Oireachtas prep is more of a marathon than a sprint and it is hard to stay motivated.  Laura and I want to remind the dancers to hang in there and keep your eyes on the prize.  The Oireachtas is close and I am sure you all have a goal in mind, lets keep working toward that goal!!  Laura and I would like to see more people attending classes. We are just weeks away and there has been a decrease in class attendance. and there are still people with mistakes in their rounds. 

Beyond practice, please do your best to get your dancers in front of judges at a local feis.   If you can do solos at the Dillon Gavin feis, Halloween Feis or Black out feis next two weekends please sign up. Performing your steps on stage is an integral part in Oireachtas prep. The comments the judges give you can be very helpful in your training.   We are here to support you to the best of our abilities but it is also important that you reach down and kindle that fire in you.  Let’s stay motivated!!

Oireachtas Workshop

This is a reminder to all Oireachtas soloists that there will be a workshop on Saturday, November 11th.  Here is the planned schedule below.   Please bring tennis shoes, soft shoes, hard shoes, water bottle, yoga mat and a bag lunch.  

10:30-11:00  Warm up, stretch and strengthen

11:00- 11:30-  Soft Shoe drills

11:30-12:30-  Soft shoes steps and all three

Lunch-  12:30-1:00

1:00-1:30  hard shoe drills

1:30-2:30    hard shoe steps and all threes

2:30 3:30    sets

5.5 hours-   Cost $55

Class Schedule for this week

Monday 5-6 Novice Level

6-8 PC/OC

8-9 Adults

Tuesday 5-6 Beginners

6-7 Advanced Beginners

7-9 Prizewinner  (open to PC  for a third class or paid extra class)

Wednesday 5-6 Novice Level

6-8 PC/OC

8-9 Over 15 Oireachtas Teams  8-Hand and 4-Hand

Thursday 5-6 Oireachtas Ceili Teams  U8 Mixed 4-Hand, U10 Mixed 8-Hand

6-7 Oireacchtas Teams U10 Girls 4-Hand, Under 15 Mixed and Girls 4-Hand

7-9 Prizewinner (open to PC for a third class or a paid extra class)

Sunday 11-12 All Oireachtas Ceili Teams

12-2:30 All Oireachtas Soloists and PC/OC

Fall Feis Season

Here is the list of the Mid American Feissana for the fall. If you see one that interests you please google the feis and find out if you need to enter on Quickfeis, Feisworx, or E-Feis.

** Please remember that ceili team members can not miss team practice because of a feis.  It is necessary for those dancers to be at team practice on Sundays. 

10/28 Mullane Godley Halloween Feis (wear halloween costumes) 

10/29  Mullane Godley Fall Feis (Blackout feis)

Registration is closed online, but available at the feis each day.

11/4 Dillon Gavin Championship Feis  (Ceili teams will compete at this feis)

Registration closes Tuesday, October 24 

11/11 Minnesota State Championships

11/12 St. Paul Autumn Feis