This week is pretty straight forward.  Regular class schedule for the rest of week.  

The Beglan Feis is this weekend on Saturday and Sunday.  Best of luck to all of the dancers representing Cashel Academy at the Beglan Feis.  We have two ceili teams competing on Sunday, good luck to the O15 Mixed 4-Hand and the Under 18 Ladies Ceili team.

Class Schedule for this week

Monday 5-6 Novice Level

6-8 PC/OC

8-9 Adults

Tuesday 5-6 Beginners

6-7 Advanced Beginners

7-9 Prizewinner  (open to PC  for a third class or paid extra class)

Wednesday 5-6 Novice Level

6-8 PC/OC

8-9 Over 15 Oireachtas Teams  8-Hand and 4-Hand

Thursday 5-6 Oireachtas Ceili Teams  U8 Mixed 4-Hand, U10 Mixed 8-Hand

6-7 Oireacchtas Teams U10 Girls 4-Hand, Under 15 Mixed and Girls 4-Hand

7-9 Prizewinner (open to PC for a third class or a paid extra class)

Sunday 11-12 All Oireachtas Ceili Teams

12-2:30 All Oireachtas Soloists and PC/OC

Fall Feis Season-

Here is the list of the Mid American Feissana for the fall. If you see one that interests you please google the feis and find out if you need to enter on Quickfeis, Feisworx, or E-Feis.

** Please remember that ceili team members can not miss team practice because of a feis.  It is necessary for those dancers to be at team practice on Sundays. 

10/21 Beglan Feis – OC, PC, and Future Champs – Registration Closes October 9

10/22   Beglan Feis – Teams and Grades – Registration Closes October 9

10/28 Mullane Godley Halloween Feis (wear halloween costumes)

10/29  Mullane Godley Fall Feis (Blackout feis)

11/4 Dillon Gavin Championship Feis  (Ceili teams will compete at this feis)

11/11 Minnesota State Championships

11/12 St. Paul Autumn Feis

PBO Corner

Some quick thoughts from the PBO for you this week:

1. Please remember to get those PBO and school dues paid this week

2. Oireachtas practices are in full swing. Please keep checking your emails from the Oireachtas Team and the Team Mom’s to stay on top of the happenings and dates etc…

3. Hopefully the PBO board gets the date for the Holiday Get Together / PotLuck out to the families in a week or 2 but for those who are new to the school it is generally on a Sunday in December after the dancers are done with practices. We will also have ‘stations’ set up for everyone to learn about the all the options for helping our WinterFeis committee make the 2024 WinterFeis a greater success than last year at this Potluck. 

Have a great week!